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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Tin Pitcher for a Buck

Hello again!  How is your week going so far?  I hope all is well.  We just returned home from a very relaxing week spent up at Torch Lake, Michigan.  We had no agenda, no schedule, or Internet with spotty cell service.  But it was wonderful!  We sat around, walked the beach with our dog, Merle, sunbathed, swam a little and I read two novels.  It was the perfect get-away vacation, just what we needed.  Sometimes, I think those are the best kind!


Earlier this month, I found this simple tin pitcher at an estate sale for a dollar.  It is dented here and there, but I think it looks wonderful with a bouquet of flowers fresh picked from the garden.  

Zinnias and Sunflowers grown from seed add a splash of color to our living room!  I love bringing the garden indoors and having bouquets displayed throughout our home.  

I hope they add a little color to your day as well!

A special thank-you to Debra at Common Ground for featuring my Ironstone collection at Vintage Inspiration Friday.


I'll be back again in a couple days.  Have a wonderful week!

Maria ~Rusty Hinge


  1. So very pretty Maria!!! And I love your tin pitcher.
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  2. What a lift your cheery bouquet gives! We just had a similar outing! Love this time of year...

  3. You're so very welcome, I always love coming to visit. and this sweet summery bouquet just hits the spot!! Great find on that pitcher, it looks like a million bucks in your photos!

  4. I love the tin pitcher =) Have a lovely day, Xo, Ashley

  5. SO beautiful Maria! You take amazing photos! And that pitcher is perfect in your home....which I love. :) Thanks for brightening our day.

    Sarah xo

  6. Your little pitcher is adorable! Perfect for that pretty, colorful bouquet!

  7. Hi Maria~~ What a great find and it looks so perfect with your beautiful flowers. Hope you are having a great week:)
    ~ Cheryl

  8. Tin pitchers and pretty flowers seem to be made for each other. Great find!!!!

  9. Maria,
    I love visiting Michigan.It has been a few years since we have.Our favorite is Holland and Saugatuck.Sounds like you have a wonderful time! Lovely flowers and that pitcher has lovely character too!

  10. Love it, and love those pretty flowers you filled it with too!

  11. Maria, Your flowers from your garden look so pretty in your wonderful new pitcher. I also notice other vintage goodness in your photos!
    So lovely!
    Mary Alice

  12. So so Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing. I love those zinnias!

  13. Sometimes, I love the simple inexpensive buys the best. Your pitcher looks great~! Jean

  14. What a great pitcher and for $1 is an unbelievable deal

  15. glad you had a relaxing vacation, they really are the best R and R. great pics, I am a huge fan of zinnia and your pitcher is perfect.

  16. I have lots of zinnias all bright and cheery in my garden right now, too. Pretty!

  17. Such a beautiful centerpiece.

  18. I've heard that Torch Lake is just gorgeous, Maria! What a wonderful place to kick back and relax! I love your new little pitcher. The flowers are a sweet combination of summer and autumn.... :)

    xoxo laurie

  19. The pictures are beautiful, the color just pops!

    Jan @Door251.com

  20. Very pretty...
    We share many similar interests. I found your blog on Picket Fence. Hope you'll check mine out too!

  21. I'm glad you got time away from the computer and from your cell phones. Sunbathing and walking the dog is something I would love to do everyday.


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