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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mi Amor

Oh boy, you know it's bad when your previous post depicts a Christmas tree!  I guess I let time slip by a little too drastically this time, didn't I?  Life sure has a way of keeping me busy, but I am back now with much excitement to report!  As far as the Christmas tree goes, in my defense I did have a good reason to keep my Christmas decor up past the season!  Christmas Ideas, a Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest magazine, was here the end of January for a photo shoot of our Christmas home for the 2014 Christmas publication.  The day was beyond wonderful and the shoot went like a dream!  A huge thank you to Ann Blevins, Nicole Teut, the stylist; Adam Albright, the photographer, and his assistant, Jason.  You were all a blast to have around and thank you again for a perfect day!
I will make sure to keep you all informed on the details when it comes out on newsstands next fall.  And shhhhh, a little secret... I kind of enjoyed having a festive Christmas house for a tad bit longer than the season allotted, it brightened up our dark, cold January days!  

On another note, my husband, Karl, surprised me with these beautiful tulips on Valentine's Day!  I couldn't resist sharing them with you today, because even now, a week later they are still as delightful!  I paired them with my vintage red and white polka dot Digoin Sarreguemines dishware from France for a cheery vignette on our kitchen island!

Thank you, friends, for coming back even after such a long pause!  I have not forgotten you and have been spending long hours working on a project that I cannot wait to share with you.  Please come back again next time for the big reveal!

Maria ~Rusty Hinge