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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Find Rusty Hinge on Instagram

That's right, Rusty Hinge is now (finally!) on Instagram!  I know, I know I am a bit behind the times, but in truth, I stalled because I am really not so certain what I am doing.  Call me old fashioned, but this is uncharted territory for me.  Fancy that, a millennial not on Instagram!  I would love to hear any tips you could share with me on how to make the most from my Instagram account.  How do I take the best photos for my feed?  Hashtags?  Any and all help is much appreciated! :)  Although I may be a tad green at first, I invite you along for the ride at rustyhingelifestyle.

I will leave you with a collection of fall photos from previous home tours.  A brand-new fall tour coming soon!

  I love this time of year, don't you?

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Red Dresser Hens & Friends Barn Market

Happy Sunday!  Yikes, I cannot believe that our last post together was at Christmastime LAST year!  Where has the time gone?  I am extremely sorry to leave you all hanging for such an incredible length of time,  I really dropped the ball, haven't I?  Like old friends, I hope we can jump right in as if hardly any time has past at all! 

To bring you quickly up to speed, we sold our home in the rolling farmlands last fall and moved into an old Victorian home right in town.  In truth, it has been an adjustment for this country girl who just couldn't seem to quite get used to the city streets, but God is always good and overtime one can get used to anything!  Since the move, Mr. RH (Karl) and I have been striving toward converting this old Victorian into our old Victorian.  Don't worry, more photos will be coming next, but first I wanted to discuss a problem that I need your help with!  :)  Let me elaborate, at our old property we had a fairly large-sized barn for storing all my hobbies and treasures!

I love decorating with the old, the chippy, the marred, and all those pieces that come with a lifetime of stories.  I am constantly moving things in and out and all around our home; this reupholstered chair for that chippy stool, for example.  Can anyone relate?  But in our new home we have significantly less storage space, so I have to dispense of my overflow somehow!  I have two choices, either throw it all in a rented storage unit or pass it along to better homes where it will be used, loved and enjoyed.  This is where you come in!  Rather than hoard it all, I decided to share, so this means I will make work at stocking up my shop to the brim very soon (please stay tuned for dates and details!)  AND trying my hand for the first time at becoming a vendor in my very own booth at a flea market!  Yup, you will find Rusty Hinge at the Red Dresser Hens & Friends Barn Market THIS coming Saturday, September 12 from 9 am to 3 pm located at Rainbow of Hope Farm, 1951 County Line Rd. Kingsley, MI 49649.  I am super excited, yet a little nervous at the same time! :)

At the Rusty Hinge booth you will find scores of delightful treasures such as vintage metal lawn chairs, pool locker baskets, French and European finds, antique bed frames, signage, primitive pieces and much, much more including this antique factory shoe cart.  I will try extra hard to get other sneak peek photos for you before the end of the week as well.  

So come on out and say hi!  I would love to see you!  (PLUS all those who introduce themselves as a RH blog reader will get 10% off their find!)  Sound like a good plan?  Hope to see your smiling face soon!

Ahhhhh, it's so good to be back!