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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Fresh New Look

Some of you may have noticed that something looked a little different in my last three posts. 

 You guessed it, we finally painted our living room (and repainted the entry room as well.)  When we first moved here about four years ago, every room in our new home was a different color.  And when I say different color, I don't mean a different neutral color.  I am talking about reds, blues, greens, oranges, etc... and the two-toned doors (we won't talk about the two-toned doors!)  I called it our Skittle house because it had every color of the rainbow going on throughout.  Well, before I moved any of our belongings in (they sat in the garage for the first week.)  I set to work at painting every room in our home.  From downstairs to upstairs, every wall, every piece of trim and every door was painted, sometimes up to five coats (white over red really was a tough one!)  I didn't have time to select any colors so we just purchased several five gallon buckets of Antique White by Dutch Boy and went with it.  

When it was finally time to paint the living room, I couldn't go a step further.  I was so sick of painting that when I looked at the brown and tan walls of the room, I thought good enough for now!  We lived with those colors until a couple weeks ago, and I thought it's time.

 I am loving the new look!  The white walls now go with the rest of our rooms.  It feels bigger and brighter in here too.  A fresh new look, just in time for spring!

A vintage trophy on my coffee table corrals all our remotes.

To hold back the sheer curtains, a pair of old, chippy corbels does the trick!

And yes, those are Paperwhites!  I know what you are thinking... aren't you a little late for Paperwhites?  Aren't they usually forced during the holidays?  I like to start mine just after all the Christmas decor comes down.  I love gardening and these are just a promise of the growing season to come.  I like to incorporate them for a fresh look in my spring decor.   

An old orchard ladder catches some vintage grain sacks.

You might recognize this french metal basket.  I used it at Christmastime as a tree base.  
To view *Click Here*  (You might also notice the difference in wall color!)
These old metal baskets were used to ship wine jugs.  Of course it came from one of my favorite places to shop,  Dreamy Whites!

Thank-you to all of my new followers.  I appreciate all of you!  I added Linky Followers and Networked Blogs,  two ways to follow after Google makes it's changes.  And I am also now on Facebook.  Feel free to follow along any way you choose, I would love to have you!

Enjoy your week!

Maria ~Rusty Hinge

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Small Reminder of Spring

Hello again!  I hope you are having a wonderful week!  Karl woke me up Valentine's Day morning to tell me that he hadn't remembered, so not to expect anything.  He was only teasing for he had a bouquet of tulips and chocolates waiting for me!  I put them in a flower pot for a centerpiece on my coffee table.  Aren't they pretty?  They remind me so of spring.  

Soon enough I will be outside, tending to my spring garden!  I can't wait!

Thank-you for your visit!  Enjoy your week!

Maria ~Rusty Hinge

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don't Forget to Say I Love You Today

Happy Valentine's Day!  I love to decorate seasonally and Valentine's Day is no exception.  Here are a few more Valentine inspired ideas. 

An industrial bread pan catches several lavender heart pillows.  Sherry at The Charm of Home made these for me.  I love them!  The bird toile print is a reproduction of a vintage French fabric and is made by French General.

I made this felt heart banner with a tag gun.  Each heart is "tagged" to the next.

 I love decorating with anything red (my favorite color)  for Valentine's Day.  Here a french market basket is filled with several red vintage quilts.

I filled an old wire egg basket with hearts cut from vintage ceiling tiles.  It sits on the coffee table (an industrial factory cart) in the living room.  

Thank-you again to Maria at Dreamy Whites and Heather at Post Road Vintage!  

 I hope you all have a cheerful Valentine's Day!

Maria ~Rusty Hinge