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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring Garden

Good afternoon!  It is finally spring in northern Michigan and I can't wait to share my spring garden with you!  Gardening is one of my favorite things to do and I could spend hours working out here.

I took this first picture about a week ago, and with the warm sunshine and thunderstorms it has since burst into bloom.

Here is my garden house made from six old windows!  Karl helped me put it together last year.  I love using old architectural pieces in my home and garden.  I am in search of some larger windows that I hope to make into cold frames to lengthen my growing season!

I have so many other pictures of my garden, maybe I will sneak in a few next time!
Have a wonderful day,

Maria ~Rusty Hinge


  1. What are those pink and white flowers with the yellow centers? "Hellebores?" (sp?) At first I thought they might be peony but it's too early for those.

  2. HI Jolene!! Thanks for the nice comments! It really is encouraging to hear that you enjoyed it, so I will keep the stories and pictures coming! Those pink and white flowers are Angelique Tulips! They do look just like peony blooms, but they bloom a bit earlier so they are nice to have in the garden!

  3. Love your garden! You have a special gift! I know how much you love it!


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