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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Homegrown Christmas Tree

One more week!  How is everything coming along?  All your shopping done and your presents wrapped?  Or are you a last minute person?  I understand completely, we just put up our tree last week and I still have a bit of shopping to do.  The last couple years we have been cutting our tree out of our front yard and oh how easy and fun it is!  After cutting it down, Karl hauls it inside and we spend an evening decorating it together.  I look forward to this special time every year, and I want to share our homegrown, country Christmas tree with you.  Can you smell the fresh pine yet?

I wrapped our country tree with grapevine and stuck red sticks and berries into the top.  Last week, I walked out to the woods and cut these berries for my homemade pine garland and I had a couple extra twigs that look perfect in our tree.

Our tree ornaments are very special.  Every year, at Christmas since I was born, my mom and dad gave me an ornament with the year written on it.  On our wedding day, my mom surprised me with all of them as a wedding gift.  Come to find out, Karl's mom had done the same thing for him as well, so our Christmas tree has never been empty and bare.  I have continued on the tradition and still buy an ornament each year to add to our tree.

My little sister, Carla made me this ornament out of toothpicks many years ago when she was in grade school.  It is one of my favorite ones.

My dad was very sick in 2008 and spent the holidays in a far away hospital.  My mom gave me this ornament that Christmas.  She attached the small round hang-tag with Mark 9:23-24 written on one side.

Growing up on a dairy farm, this ornament is very appropriate!

I just received this wonderful feather wings ornament from a new friend and blog reader sent with a Christmas card all the way from Washington!  Thank-you so much, Sheree, you are so sweet!

Since I don't have all my presents wrapped yet, I put my collection of antique children's sleds under the tree.  Each one is different, some out of metal, some wood. 

This wonderful wooden sled came from a friend's garage sale.  She said it came all the way from Germany.  I told her it was going to a good home!  I love it!

I am so glad I was able to share this year's homegrown Christmas tree with you!  Thank-you so much for stopping by and taking a look. 

Happy last minute Christmas preparations,

Maria ~Rusty Hinge

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  1. It looks so totally gorgeous!!! I love the sleds! I am going to have to keep my eyes open for one when I am out fleaing!

  2. Hi Maria,
    You had me at "go out to the woods and gather!" How I wish I could do that. Your tree is lovely...I adore the sentiment behind all the ornaments. That's exactly what a Christmas tree should be about.

    I've looked all over for antique wooden sleds this year...couldn't find one. I see where they all are! ;)
    Merry Christmas!

  3. I love your homegrown tree with all it's treasures from years gone by!

    Have a wonderful Christmas.


  4. Oh sweet girl it's just lovely!! You had me tearing up hearing that you and your husbands mother had ornaments for you each year, what wonderful memories!
    Hope you have a wonderful week my friend, I'm off to finish my shopping tomorrow.

  5. What a gorgeous tree. Love the berries and grapevine. Very natural.

  6. it's a lovely country christmas tree full of your sweet memories!

  7. Love your real-live country tree! What a good idea to put your sled collection underneath until the gifts are wrapped. And how neat that you have so many special ornaments. Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. Hi Maria~ How wonderful that you are able to get a tree from your own yard!!! That makes the tree so much more special. The decorating all looks so pretty and I love the old sleds!!
    Have a great week!

  9. I love how sentimental and beautiful it is! I think I met Sheree from WA! Does she live in Tacoma? I met her and she purchased a vintage bucket from me~ small world~ xoxo Rachel

  10. Hi Maria,

    I truly love the special story behind the ornaments on your Christmas tree - such beautiful treasures from Christmas past - I love it! :)

    And you are so lucky to be able to grow your own tree and cut it down! What fun is that!!! :) And of course, the vintage additions to your home during the holidays is just so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :) Hugs & Happy Holidays from here!


  11. It's all so lovely, Maria! And I can see that your ornaments hold a special significance for you. Each year I contemplate cutting our tree from the multitudes of those surrounding our little farm...then chicken out. Maybe next year! ;)

    I would love to have you join me for my linky party, Time Travel Thursday. The current link is still up and a new party will start this Wednesday night. Hope to see you there!

    Merry Christmas!
    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  12. That's a wonderful tree Maria. So filled with lovely memories

  13. Maria,
    found you from Fresh vanilla for C, also saw you in Romantic Homes mag and had planned to visit! Your tree is gorgeous, love the ornaments and sleds! I have some sleds also, started collecting them when I lived in WI, also have 2 from when my husband's family lived in Germany in the 60's, his dad was in the AF.
    I'm your newest follower and will be visiting often, have put you under my favs on my sidebar.
    Would love for you to visit me!
    Merry Christmas

  14. Your tree is simply gorgeous..from the ornaments to the sleds..I am in awe of the sleds..especially the one from Germany..
    Have a Blessed Christmas..

  15. I love that you grew your own Christmas tree. How very special that is. The tree is gorgeous!

  16. Gorgeous Maria!!! I'm inspired....

  17. Oh...Maria! Did you put those wonderful zinc pots under the tree just for me..?? You shouldn't have! lolol! Your homegrown tree is so pretty and made so special with all of the memories hanging on it. Merry Christmas to you!!

    xoxo laurie

  18. Thanks for sharing one of your traditions with us ~ I am loving the old sleds under the tree!
    Merry Christmas to you!!

  19. I love your beautiful tree with all your precious ornaments. You're so lucky to have all these special ornaments to decorate your home grown tree with. Your sleds are the perfect touch. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  20. So I'm pretty sure I did a good job of picking out the basket/crate thing for your birthday! It looks awesome for Christmas time too!!!

  21. Hello Maria,
    I love your country Xmas tree with the grapevine garland and all those meaningful treasured ornaments. Your collection of sleds is fabulous too! I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! Take care, Laura :)

  22. Beautiful tree ~ and your sleighs are fantastic!

  23. maria,

    the sleds are wonderful! you did a great job. I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday. Thanks for the kind feedback about the pillows. Makes me happy!


  24. I absolutely love you wonderful decor and gorgeous vignettes. Your sled is the perfect touch for Christmas.

    Please share this inspirational post by joining our linky party, What's it Wednesday this week. I hope you can join us. Have a fabulous Christmas!



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