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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


What a wonderful weekend!  I welcomed two extremely talented people into my home on Sunday.  Mark and Fifi came all the way to Michigan to shoot my farmhouse for an upcoming winter issue of Fifi's new magazine, Romantic Prairie Style.  Look for the first publication of her magazine coming out very soon in April.  I can't wait to subscribe!  

 Fifi's eye is impeccable.  She sees things and instantly creates a gorgeous new look.  It was such fun to watch her work.  She is the sweetest and instantly I felt like I had known her forever.  And Mark's photography is amazing.  He was making us laugh all day and he even took the time to give me a few photography tips.

I was so excited and a little nervous when Fifi emailed me and said they were coming this weekend.  They were waiting for more snow for the shoot.  After the huge storm on Friday night which pounded us with about 12 more inches, (some nearby even lost power but we were blessed)  they were on a plane and on their way!  They are two of the nicest people, and I could easily sit and talk with them all day.  It was a fun time having them here, and I was sad to see them go.

I loved it that Fifi used many of my treasured items that had special meaning.  For example, the barn beam bench that Karl made for me.  The beams came from the old hay barn on my family dairy.  I have many a childhood memory in that old hay loft.  Karl pulled them out of the pile after a strong wind took the barn down a couple years ago.  And Grandma D's old green crock that she used while she was growing up, as well as some special dishes from Grandma M that were given to me after she passed away this fall.

Isn't this chippy headboard wonderful?  I just received it from Melinda at Alabaster Rose Designs.  I love it! Thank-you very much, Melinda!

  I can't wait to see their photos.  From the ones I did see, they look amazing!  I can't show you exactly what they took, but I did give you a tiny taste of Fifi's magic touch.  If you want to see the real thing, please check out her new magazine,  Romantic Prairie Style. 

Thank-you Mark and Fifi for a wonderful day.  Always know that you are welcome back anytime!

Maria ~Rusty Hinge


  1. Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see your home in the magazine :o)

  2. Maria,
    What exciting news that your beautiful home will be featured in Fifi's new magazine. I can hardly wait to find a copy.


  3. So exciting! Your home will be in the first issue. I can't wait!

  4. Way to go!!! I love Fifi!! She is so sweet!!! Can't wait to see the new magazine!!

  5. Oh Maria,
    I am so happy for you!! I'm not surprised though because your home is so fabulous!!~ Congratulations, I can't wait to see the magazine.
    The headboard looks just perfect in your home, I'm so glad you like it!
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  6. Hi Maria~~ I am so happy for you~~ I am sure your home will look perfect as always:) Cant wait to get the magazine.

  7. WOW that is splendid news! They are the greatest!You deserved the visit, too - you live in such such a charming world.

    I fell in love with Fifi when I was a major lurker of the old closed blog Daisy Cottage - Kim had quite a few dealings with Fifi then, and I just loved their friendship.

    I am so happy for you and can't WAIT to see that publication when it comes out! DREAMY stuff!

    Sorry you got clobbered with so much snow - I am just south of you in Ohio - and we didn't anything to speak of - but it meant they came and created magic, worth snow for SURE!

    Wheee, what FUN!

    PS the headboard is to-die-for!

  8. What great that Fifi was their in your house......i hope i can buy the magazine here in Holland.....love from me...xxx...

  9. What an honor to have your home photographed for a feature!

  10. Maria, Congrats on your news: God Is Good!! Amen: Sheree

  11. I knew Fifi would be after you and your home! I bet you had a great time and I can hardly wait to get the first magazine. Can't wait to see more pictures and what you did with the

    Yeah for you!
    Sarah xo

  12. Yayyy!! I am so happy for you Maria! :) I cant wait to get her magazine~ xoxo

  13. How very exciting!!! I simply cannot wait to see your feature in her next publication - your home is gorgeous to say the least, so I'm not surprised that they would want to photograph and style it!!! Congrats again and love that headboard - even more special that it's from Melinda! :)


  14. Congratulations on the photo shoot and magazine article! Everything that I have seen on the blog is just beautiful.

  15. Maria that is soooo exciting!!! Your home is just beautiful!! I have been looking at your blog for about an hour now just taking in all of your gorgeous pictures ~

  16. I'm just doing the happy dance over here for you, Maria! Congratulations! What an exciting weekend you had! Such sweet memories you made! You got to meet a couple of true rock stars. lol! I can hardly wait to subscribe to Fifi's new magazine. Hope you'll let us all know when we can sign up!

    Has your snow melted yet? Ours is almost all gone and it was 65 degrees here today! Where in MI do you live? I'm between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.

    xoxo laurie

  17. Oh my gosh , you must be so so excited!!! What an honour to be in one of her issue's...Sending my blessings your way... I invite to stop by my world as well...Blessings Lori

  18. See I said your home looks like a magazine spread and it will be in one. Congrats and I can't wait to see it.

  19. Congratulations!!
    So very happy for you...can't wait for the magazine to see it for myself!

  20. Wow! Who knew that little Maria would become such a celebrity. Great job. Congratulations.

  21. So very exciting! I am anxiously awaiting Fifi's new magazine and will be happy to see your lovely home in it in one of the winter issues! How did you like keeping your Christmas decor up until March??? That must have been kinda odd, but well worth it!! Congrats to you :)

  22. Congratulations Maria! I just saw the post Fifi did on her magazine blog. So exciting! I will be sure to check out this great magazine when it comes out.
    You've got great style, and it's so sweet to see how many of your items are family treasures (and from a fabulous friend like Melinda!)
    I wish you the best,


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