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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Is it Really Snowing?

 It has been snowing here on and off the past couple days and even though it isn't sticking to the ground it nevertheless pains me to look at it.  The cold wind just took a huge bite out of me when I stepped outside this morning and my trellis just blew over.  With a sigh, I head back to the house.  It looks like I'll be working indoors for now.  Maybe later in the day when it warms up a bit, I can try again.

Here an old french wire basket holds some more bright blooms from bulbs.  This will have to do until the real thing outside!

I have to confess that at the moment I am behind on replying to your comments and leaving them on your lovely blogs.  I feel horrible and I am very sorry.  But please know that this does not mean that I have not visited and I do read and cherish every comment you leave me as well!  Thank-you very much for your continued support!

On another note,  some of you have been asking about Romantic Prairie Style magazine since Fifi and Mark were here in March to photoshoot our home for the magazine's winter issue.  You can read about their visit *Here*   Even though our little farmhouse won't be featured for several more months, I have been excitedly waiting for the arrival of the premiere issue.

  Great news!  Fifi just announced that it will be out on newsstands in two weeks!  Look for this cover next time you are out and pick up a copy!  I can not wait to read it!  It will be filled with decorating ideas, stories, gardens, projects, prairie-style recipes, and much more.  Like everything else Fifi has put her hand to, she poured her heart out on it and it's going to be wonderful!  To learn more  *Click Here*

Thank-you again for stopping by!  I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Maria ~Rusty Hinge


  1. Oh Maria, I am so sorry it is still snowing there. You must be heart broken!

    Well hang in there, better days ahead, I assure you!

    Lovely tulips - and cannot wait for the Praise issue to come out. Fifi is truly one of the very best in the business, and everything she does is awesome.

  2. I bet you can't wait to get outside to enjoy nature and all that it offers! I love your photos and flowers.

    Have a wonderful week! Hopefully spring will be around the corner for you.

  3. Maria,
    Snow really???!!! I am glad at least we are not getting that.But is has been really cold.Love those tulips.Nothing like bringing the outdoors in.Can't wait to get my copy of Prarie style!

  4. Oh more snow?? I hope you see signs of spring soon! Your tulips look beautiful in that french wire basket.
    Can't wait to see your home in Romantic Prairie magazine :)

  5. Oh I'm sorry to hear that. There is nothing worse than a late season show, especially one that comes after everything has melted and the ground is finally starting to thaw! Hope that you have warmer weather soon!!!!!

  6. Oh I hope that you have warmer weather soon. There is nothing like a late season snow to make you really ready for spring!

  7. I have been impatiently waiting for Fifi's new magazine. I have her book, and read it over and over. Your blog is so pretty!

  8. Hi my sweet friend,
    I can't wait a few more months to see your home featured, it's so exciting!!~
    Did you get my e-mail yesterday?
    Hope you have a great day.

  9. I can't wait to see this magazine and how exciting when we get to see your home featured. Hope spring gets to you soon.


  10. I hear ya on the snow..It was a shock to see it after all of the "early" warm weather we had..My magnolia tree took a hit though..All of my flowers are now brown..It makes me sad to see it but they will be back next year..This I guess is how ya have to look at it..But soon the snow will be gone..FOR GOOD..Your flowers are beautiful and I will be on the look out for Fifi's magazine..Have a great day..

  11. Hoping the snow ends soon for you:) It was a rainy day here and cold. Who would have thought I was laying out in the backyard sunning only 2 days ago.....rain and snow GO AWAY:))

  12. Ugh! Wasn't it awful to see that white stuff coming down again, Maria...?? Good gravy! I have so much work to do in the lake house gardens....and the weather is not cooperating! I've been snuggled up inside making signs for my new booth (!) and catching up on paperwork. ugh. Hopefully, this weather will turn soon and we'll get some warmer temps...like we did in March! lol! I'm soooo looking forward to Fifi's new mag, too! Do you know if we'll be able to subscribe to it...?


    xoxo laurie

  13. Oh I'm sorry about the snow, but I'm sure it will pass quickly. We had a little 2 day cool snap and now we're back to beautiful here in Colorado. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog Maria, even though I may not always comment.

    Happy Spring,

  14. Hi Maria!!!

    Thank you for your sweet visit to my blog! I have missed your posts - your page is sooo beautiful! I think I've missed out on some amazing posts from you - happy to be "back!" :) Love your blooms and french wire basket - so pretty!!!! It doesn't snow where I live...so I rather envy you!!! The weather doesn't really change much over here...I guess I should appreciate the SoCali weather! :) Anyway, your home is always inspiring and looking forward to seeing what you have in store!


  15. P.S. I will be looking for that lovely new issue!!! Can't wait to see your gorgeous home in it!!! :)

  16. Dearest Maria
    Your visit to my blog melted my heart you sincerity and encouragement was such a blessing. Your blog is stunning I am so excited to be your newest follower and cannot wait to see your home with the shoot done by Fifi. What an inspiration all of your loveliness is. My best to you and yours.

    Warm regards


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