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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who Doesn't Love Ironstone?

Ironstone is wonderful, isn't it?  I love the look of vintage, creamy stacked ironstone plates and bowls on my counter top and table.  When I see a vintage ironstone piece it is hard to pass it up, so my collection is slowly growing.  My favorite are the shabby, stained brown farmhouse platters.  Some being over a hundred years old, they tell such a story with all of their signs of use.  Imagine where a piece like that has been?  Who has lovingly used and cared for it so well?  

What about you?  Do you have a weakness for such pieces as well?  What are you drawn too?  

How do you feel about chips, hairlines, or fleabites?  Honestly at first, I was hesitant to purchase those vintage pieces that have been battered by life, but after I came across a platter with a chip that was so old it was stained brown and added it to my growing stack, I loved the texture it brought.  Now I appreciate the imperfections that come along with such vintage pieces.  In fact, I can't get enough of them now!

These vintage ironstone berry bowls, with their crazing and nicks, add farmhouse charm to my kitchen island!

A vintage French lemonade bottle stands guard near the berry bowls.  Maybe you have already noticed, but I have a thing for all kinds of vintage glass bottles as well.  I think a vintage glass jar or bottle looks great anywhere.  

I have one other lemonade bottle similar to this one, you can just see the top of it from the French wooden vegetable crate.

A fabulous lavender pillow from Dreamy Whites sits atop a stack of ironstone nearby.

I found this little stack of ironstone desert plates at a local garage sale!  I spotted them and hurried over to make them mine.  They are the perfect size to display on my island.

I don't always just display my English ironstone plates in stacks.  I also like to show them off in plate racks, such as this vintage wooden chicken feeder.  If you think this looks familiar, it's because it is!  Mary, from Urban Farmgirl gave very insightful and helpful information on ironstone in her contribution to the spring Homebound issue.  She also shared a gorgeous photograph of her ironstone plate collection lined up in a wooden chicken feeder very similar to this one.  I loved the photograph so much, I had to tell her how much it inspired me!  To read her article and view the photograph for yourself  *Click Here*

The fabulous part is that while Mary was out and about, she came across another for me.  And here it is!  Thanks so much, Mary!  I absolutely love, love it!

You might have noticed that Becky, from Buckets of Burlap, also takes advantage of a chicken feeder to corral her plates atop her vintage country hutch.  She doesn't stop there, she uses chicken feeders as rods to hang her window treatments as well.  You will find many other wonderful decorating ideas at Bucket of Burlap.  It is my 'go to' for a good ol' dose of country-farmhouse decorating!  Isn't finding all this inspiration from blogs grand?

I can't post about ironstone without showing you my vintage factory-shoe cart with more stacks of ironstone and vintage French transferware dishes.  

Like most collections, this full rack didn't happen overnight...a piece here, a piece there.  You know how it goes.  

Well, there you have it!  Ironstone galore!  Love it!  I really can't get enough.  There is always room for one more plate or dish!  Don't you agree?  Now that you have seen my collection, I would love to see yours.  Feel free to send me your links and photos!

 With summer winding down, I should have more time to post and stay connected with you all, so please hang in there and you will receive a better effort by me.  And some exciting news!  I have decided to have another antique barn sale here.  A date hasn't been selected yet,  but it will be happening soon so stay tuned here or my Facebook page for updates.  You can always email me for questions or directions as well.  I would love to have you stop by!

Thanks so much again, all of you!  You have truly been the best readers!

Maria ~Rusty Hinge

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  1. Your collection is so very lovely, Maria! And love how you display it, too! I have a rather small collection in comparison, but adore each piece...especially a super chunky white bowl, and my chunky little butter pats! I don't think I'll ever stop oohing and ahhing over lovely, stained, cracked, crazed ironstone!

    Have a delightful day!

  2. Your ironstone collection is fabulous and that shoe cart is beyond fabulous! I totally agree about the darker plates being some of my favorites now. I love that they have aged enough to change color. And, all those little lines and chips just make them more glorious to me. Oh, the stories that could be told with their every use.

    Such an eye pleasing post to wake up to this morning. Thanks.

    Blessings from Tennessee. Amy

  3. You have a fabulous ironstone collection. Now I want a chicken feeder. Must go hunt one down. Oh, and that fabulous bottle!

  4. WOW what a beautiful collection, and I love how you have them displayed!

  5. LOVE LOVE ironstone !!!!!!! I too have a collection going, I can;t resist buying a piece. Especially if the price is reasonable. I dont mind some chippy or the stained ones. I call them seasoned. Thanks for taking the time to share your pics. Have a beautiful and creative day...Chickie

  6. Love your collection Maria! My collection has been growing as well!!! I'm just lucky enough enough to find them at many garage and estate sales here in both Central & Southern Cali! ;) Oh and wish I lived closer bc I'd love to attend your fabulous barn sale - I'm sure there would be so many gorgeous things that I'd love to buy!!! I think you should open an Etsy shop for readers like me who'd love to buy from you! ;)


  7. I too love old chippy,stained,crazed dishes.Along with my white ones they are a great contrast!
    I sent you a photo of some of my ironstone pitcher collection! We all inspire each other.That is what's so wonderful about the blogging community!LOVE your old shoe rack.I have one too.But I am missing the shelves.

  8. I had to laugh at the "flea bites", I'd never heard that before, but that's exactly what those little dings look like! LOL! love your ironstone yumminess, I've just spent some time going back thru your Fall posts from last year, oh my such wonderful photos and inspiration!! If you have time, please come link up this post tomorrow for Vintage Inspiration!

  9. Nicks, chips, and brown spots don't bother me one bit! You have a wonderful collection. . .

  10. Love your ironstone collection. I have some pieces that I have started for my collection.

    Have a wonderful week.

  11. So happy to see that you posted Maria!! I have missed all of your inspiration!
    Your photos are lovely and I too am obsessed with ironstone!
    Hope your doing well and have a lovely day.

  12. Such lovely pieces you have and I do agree, there is always room for one more =) Xo, Ashley

  13. I love old ironstone, doesn't matter if the condition is perfect or shabby. This is such a wonderful post I had to share it on my facebook page!

    Kathi- allthingswhite

  14. Beautiful post and beautiful ironstone! I love dishes with a 'history!'

  15. All this vintage beauty is swoon-worthy! Oh my ironstone is my favorite!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photography!!!!

  16. Ahhh...Maria...what a beautiful collection! I LOVE seeing the ironstone on that shoe cart!!! Awwwwesome, girlie! And as usual, your photography is utterly amazing! :)

    xoxo laurie

  17. Oh I just love ironstone as well!! They look amazing on the old shoe cart!!!
    Glad to see a new post!!!

  18. I can't pass it up, in fact I found some while vacationing in Washington for pieces. Honestly, I love dishes!

  19. Hi Maria~~ So..happy to see that you are back~ I love your collection.
    Looking forward to reading more from you and seeing your fabulous photos of your home.
    Hope you are having a great weekend
    ~ Cheryl

  20. What a collection you have! It all looks just beautiful in that old cart.

  21. Great Collection!
    I love the way you have it displayed so wonderful!

  22. Stunning collection. I do love ironstone and am drawn to pitchers and platters. Pitchers mostly. :o) Your vintage linens are lovely too.

  23. Maria, you have a fabulous collection of ironstone. I like how you've mixed in your beautiful transferware collection with the white ironstone. That awesome shoe rack is perfect for stacking!
    Your lovely posts draw me back again and again.
    Mary Alice

  24. WOW Beautiful pic's and you know I love all of your white ironstone too

  25. Yes. I love ironstone, too, though I have been wooed by English ironstone patterns in blues, reds, and pinks - by J&G Meakin, Johnson Bros., etc. It's fun to see how the colors and patterns can be made to work together. What is it about dishes? And kitchen things in general? My family thinks I'm so silly but I just love them!

  26. My mom has plates that are from 1950 and I gotta say plates in that aura lasted. I find now when I buy plates they break so easily.


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