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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's a Pom-Pom Party!

 Yay!  I'm joining Jennifer Rizzo's Pom-Pom Party!  How fun and exciting to see all the pom-pom projects linked together!  A couple years ago,  I made an everlasting Allium bouquet from pom-poms.  When I read about Jennifer's party round up on her blog, I thought why not bring them back again just special for the party!? 

I made these pom-poms with a Clover Pom-Pom Maker, but they are very simple to make without one.  In fact, Jennifer gives an easy to follow tutorial on her blog!

I pulled this photo from the original post about these pom-pom Alliums.  If you would like to read this antique post in it's entirety, simply *Click Here*!

We have a bit of time before my live Alliums will bloom in the garden so while we wait, let's enjoy these for now!

Go get inspired at the party and make some pom-poms of your own!  Merely click on the button below to go check it out!

I will be back again soon with some Valentine decor and stay tuned for more news on the 'grand opening' of my new store!

Maria ~Rusty Hinge


  1. Your pom poms are adorable! I am so desperate for flowers--I need to make these!

  2. LOVE those!!! Yaaa for you shop!!!!

  3. Hi Maria, I always love seeing how creative you are and how you fill your home with such brightness and love. I can hardly wait for flowers! Thankfully I work in a flower shop or I would be crazy without the colors and scents around me. :)

    just to let you know...due to some technical blogger issues, I lost access to My Yellow House blog and had to start a new one. Just wanted you to know that this is still me following you, if you see a different name come up. Sarah xo

  4. Maria,
    These are so bright and cheery. Love your pom pom flowers they are really cute.

  5. Those are too cute! I just rediscovered pom poms recently and have been having fun checking out what everyone else is making with them. I'll add this to my to-do list!

  6. Those are so pretty Maria!

  7. I love your pom poms, and your photos are beautiful.


  8. Pom poms! Used to make these as a young girl and I guess what's old is new again:-)
    Congrats on your shop Maria....xox, Janet

  9. So beautiful! Can you believe I've never made a pom-pom? Were they before my time or after?? LOL!

  10. Okay, now I have to make some of those!! They are so sweet!!!

  11. Hello Maria! What a lovely idea! Wonderful photos! Have a beautiful week! With love, Geli

  12. How cute are those! Great post and I am loving your zinc pitcher!

  13. Very cute...I think I might try to make some of my own.

  14. I better pick up some wool and see if I can make these cute pom pom flowers! Good luck with your online shop.


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