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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Vintage Fruit Harvesting Basket

What to do with a vintage fruit harvesting pack?  Fill it with dried lavender of course!  This vintage basket is one of my favorite finds from the Shop the Maple Cottage sale this past summer!  There was no second guessing this one, and I knew exactly what to do with it as soon as I spotted it!

I have been busy adding fall touches around the house and changing it around (fall tour coming up next post!) but thought why not keep it up through the season?  

These packs were worn during apple harvesting.  When the pack was full of apples the harvester would pull the drawstrings to open it up at the bottom, thus releasing all the apples over nearby bins while never having to remove it off of his back!

You may remember what I did here last year for the October Cottage of the Month feature.  Here is a little refresher...to see the full COTM tour again please *Click Here*.  Come to think of it, this apple picking sign would go perfectly with the apple harvesting basket, don't you think?

On another note, I want to thank you again for your support with our previous cookbook project and give you a quick update on my sister, Alexandra!  It has been two months already since we said goodbye and put her on a plane bound for Tanzania, Africa!  Boy, do I miss her, especially with the holiday season coming up!  And because she is up in the mountains in a remote village there, communication is very limited.  There are no phone calls so we won't be able to hear her voice for a whole year, but we do receive some emails!  Honestly, some days are tough, but we are certain that she is following the Lord's will and because of this we are given peace that passeth all understanding!  I just know that the months will fly by and she will be home to us safe-and-sound again before we know it!

Fall home tour coming this week just in time for Thanksgiving!  THANK YOU for being here and THANK YOU to all of my new blog and Facebook followers!  Your sweet comments mean the world to me!

Maria ~Rusty Hinge


  1. It's so good to see a new post from you...I miss seeing your beautiful home and gardens. I always feel inspired when I see how you decorate for the seasons. I love the apple basket but, WOW what a little crock collection you have! and however did you find the perfect little cubby to fit them all.....

    Hope fall is treating you well and I look forward to your fall tour.

    sarah xo

  2. What a beautiful find and way to display it! It is so lovely and the bench beneath is too awesome!

  3. How beautiful! I love the harvesting basket with the lavender. I especially love that your sister is serving the Lord in a remote area.. What a blessing she is to the Kingdom of God! To leave family and home. I know she will be blessed! Your home is beautiful. Looking forward to the tour. Hey, stop by and visit with me...I am not sure if you are following me or not... Appreciate it if you would.. Trying to reach a mere 200...just 2 away. We have our love for the Lord and love for decorating in common. Blessings!

  4. I love the harvest apple bag and your lavender. It looks great hanging on your chippy coat rack. Many good wishes to your sister as she travels in her journey to help others. I know you miss her but she is doing such great work.

  5. It's always a treat to be invited into your home for a peak! Your harvest basket is wonderful! Love it filled with lavender.
    Mary Alice

  6. Dear Maria!
    I always admire your wonderful dreamy decoration ...
    Thanks for these beautiful photos ...
    And I wish you a lot of success and joy with the book!
    With love,

  7. I love that and your collection of jars and crocks.

  8. What a beautiful way to use that picking basket...I can just imagine how much decorating fun you will have with it all year round! Lovely photos!

  9. Hey there from your newest follower The Rusty Pearl !! I love your blog and see so much I love love love. Thanks for having me and I will be a regular sister. ..xoxox HUGS and blessings to you and yours this thanksgiving

  10. What a great find, and you have this basket displayed so wonderfully. Great idea! I'm sure you miss your sister something terrible. Sending prayers that you will be comforted by knowing that God has something absolutely marvelous for both you & your sister!

  11. wow! your blog is amazing! Love the pics & now i follow you ;) xxx

    Gabriela Rose



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