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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Birthday Surprise

Good afternoon!  What a beautiful fall day here in northern Michigan.  After a day of rain, the sun is out again and it is beautiful.  The trees are starting to change color and there is a fresh crispness in the air.  Even though saying good-bye to summer is hard, Fall is a favorite time of year for me.  I love all the colors, smells, sweaters, hot chocolate, cozyness, and warm family memories that come with it!

I just recently celebrated my birthday, and I want to share with you my special surprise.  I came home to beautiful flowers on my table and dinner in the oven!  My husband, Karl, rushed home from work to prepare it all perfectly for me.

Aren't they beautiful?  He said he picked them because they looked like "fall"  flowers to him.  He was right, Chrysanthemums are the flower of fall!

Look how bright and vibrant the colors are!  I love the red and yellow contrast.

He did good, didn't he?  I certainly think so!  Thank-you very much, Karl, you put a smile on my face.

I hope you all enjoy your week as well!
Take care,

Maria ~Rusty Hinge


  1. What a great husband! It looks beautiful. Happy Belated Birthday!
    xo, Cheryl

  2. Awww! Well done, Karl! :D

  3. So sweet of him! :) They look beautiful in your french pitcher~ xo Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  4. Hello Maria!!!
    I love the flowers, so pretty!! I thought of you on your birthday, but didn't get a card in the mail:(

    When's the sale? Can I come and help? Have a great weekend!! Love you!

  5. Thank-you for the comments! I love hearing from all of you... it seriously makes my day when I see a new one posted!! :)

  6. How sweet of him! He's a keeper for sure. And Happy Birthday!
    You have a sweet blog, lovely photos and wonderful vintage finds. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

  7. Hi Maria,
    I am so in love with your beautiful blog!! I am so glad you found me so I could find my way to you! Welcome to blogging and I look forward to following along with your wonderful blog.
    Have a great night.

  8. Greetings! First of all, Happy Belated Birthday! What a lovely surprise...and I love all your french pitchers!!! ;)

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog & leaving such a kind comment. Loving your blog, so glad you found me. ;) I look forward to getting to know you, I am your newest follower.

    Hugs from Los Angeles,


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