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Friday, September 23, 2011

Bricks and Rocks

Good evening!  I hope you all had a great week.  As you all can tell by many of my pictures, I love to flower garden.  But not only that, I also grow many veggies from seed in my raised beds.  Since there is never a shortage of rocks here (I just have to put my shovel in the ground and clang!)  I outlined eight beds with rocks and stuffed them with whatever will grow... beans, beats, tomatoes, carrots, pickles, many kinds of lettuce, potatoes, herbs, peppers, onions, and lots of flowering annuals.

  But what I really want to show you is my new brick patio that I laid out between them.  My friendly neighbor gave them to me when I stopped by this spring to ask if she had any plans for the big brick pile next to her shed.  She said they were mine so I excitedly hauled them all home (with Karl's help and it took two truck loads!)  I couldn't decide what design to lay them in but after several tries, I ended with this circle style.  What do you think?

Wasn't that nice of her to let me have them?  I think they add so much to the plot.  A big THANK-YOU goes out to her!

Alyssum smells wonderful.  In spring, I sprinkle the seeds everywhere!


The dew was still fresh on these petunia blooms.

Nasturtium is another favorite to start from seed.  It comes in all bloom colors and even with a variegated leaf.  I have heard that if you put it in your vegetable garden, it attracts the bugs away from your edibles.  Might be true, I don't know!

Black-eyed Susan Vine climbs up one of the cedar obelisks.


I love growing Swiss Chard Bright Lights in my beds, they put on quite a show with the colorful stems and they are great to cook with too.

I really wanted wooden raised beds but rocks will have to do for now.  I have so many rocks I could outline our whole property and then some!  Maybe someday I will switch them out.

 You can't have a veggie garden with out tomatoes.  I did several kinds this year, including Early Girl, Beef Master, Yellow Pear and Cherry.

Cherry tomatoes are my favorite.  I eat them like candy!

I let Cosmos reseed anywhere they desire!

We can eat out of these beds all summer, Oh and there is nothing better than the taste of fresh vegetables!  Do any of you like to garden?  Edible, ornamental, or both?

Thank-you for all your sweet comments!  You guys really make my day!
Have a wonderful weekend,

Maria ~Rusty Hinge 


  1. Just found your blog! I love my gardens too. Your pictures are so gorgeous especially the ones with the sun streaming through..

  2. Beautiful!!!! Have a wonderful weekend:)

  3. Thank-you very much! Rosemary, I am heading over to The Summer Porch right now to take a look at your gardens! Can't wait!

  4. your beautiful photos make me long for a garden. I love the bricks. Here in San Francisco we don't have many spaces that look like that. thanks for sharing.


  5. Hi Maria~ I am so thrilled that you found Michele thru my blog! :) Aren't her grainsack pillows the best~!? I cant believe she sews them by hand too,makes them so special~ I cant wait to see your post about them!! xo Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  6. Just found your blog, want to let you know I too love everythiing rusty and hinged...
    Of course all the beauty you add to it is a major plus :)

    Thank you for sharing your beauty in all you do and create.
    will be back taking with me what you inspire.


  7. I love your garden. I love the trees! I just started some seeds a few days ago. Ready for Spring and my garden.
    Happy Planting!



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