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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Watch for Falling Leaves

I am bursting with excitment today to share this with you.  Last week, I was heading to work at our family dairy farm on a sunny October day.  The drive usually takes about thirty minutes but this day it took a tad-bit longer, because I stopped at every turn along the way to stand amazed at the beauty around me.  I tried to capture it all for you, but these photos don't really do justice.  I wish you could have ridden along with me to see for yourself, but nevertheless, try to imagine the sun hitting each tree just right that it glowed with color as if ablaze.  It was breath-taking!

When I finally arrived at the farm, I wanted to see more and because I had time, I took a walk on the woody acreage out back.

On my walk, I discovered an apple tree in the woods.  I wish you could have smelled all the fresh apples.  It was wonderful!

I hope you enjoyed my little color tour!

Have a gorgeous fall,

Maria ~Rusty Hinge


  1. i love how the sun hits the apples! We don't have color like that here. No real seasons. Thanks for sharing your part of the world.


  2. Oh my, your photos are absolutely stunning. Oh how I miss watching the leaves change colors, we don't get much of that in So Cal.
    Thank you so much for the beauty.
    Have a lovely week.

  3. Woo hooo!
    I love our home! Too bad that color burst is so fleeting. The wind has taken most all of it away now. Thanks for getting it while it was so good. :)

  4. YEAH!!! One more week! We can't wait (joell and I) We'll get there about 8ish or earlier :) I love your fall color pictures! My favorite was the yellow leaves, black branches and blue sky, beautiful!! Love you!!!


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