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Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Filled with Family

It's snowing outside so let's move things inside where it's much warmer!  I usually don't start decorating for Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving (although I did set up my lighted candles in every window and made my porch garland already), so today let me take you around and show you what I have going on inside for fall right now.  I hope you don't mind but it is going to be a rather long tour! 

An antique round dough trencher is filled with tiny pumpkins grown in my garden.

I collected these french clay pots from Maria at Dreamy Whites.  They fit perfectly in my seedling rack. 

I love Thanksgiving!  It is a whole weekend filled with family.  We travel downstate for a double dose!  Starting at noon, we eat a huge lunch with Karl's parents and his extended family, then we head over to my aunt and uncle's house to celebrate with my family for dinner.  My aunt always has her house decorated so beautifully and has been such an inspiration for me since I was little. 

This wonderful, aqua, metal basket was sent to me all the way from Tennessee from my sister for my birthday!  Can you imagine my excitement when I opened it?  She really knows me well!  It fits perfectly in my decor.  I love it!  Thank-you very much, Alexandra! 

My antique dress form from Paris wears a pretty necklace of Bittersweet.

A zinc pitcher filled with wheat is a focal point on my kitchen island.

The kitchen table is my favorite thing to decorate.  It always has a seasonal centerpiece with layers of vintage mangle cloths for runners.   

I put together this wreath out of grapevine and an old orchard sign.  I hung it on a vintage glass door propped against the wall.

I filled an antique dough trencher from the Netherlands with gourds and Bittersweet.  These hand-carved wooden trenchers were used to make bread each morning. 

Bright red Chinese Lanterns from my garden add color to my entry table.  I am hoping to collect enough next year to make a grapevine garland with them.

I covered my floor mirror with Bittersweet.  It dries so nicely indoors that it can be saved for next year as well! 

 Well, there you go, I hope I didn't take too much of your time with my long tour.  So what are your plans for Thanksgiving this year?  Do you do any traveling?  Stay at home to host a full house?  Cook lots of delicious dishes?  Eat' til you are too stuffed to move?  Watch any football?  Let me know your plans.  Whatever it is, I am sure it is wonderful.    

I hope you have a blessed holiday filled with lots of food and family,

Take care,

Maria ~Rusty Hinge


  1. Oh Maria!!!

    You have the most LOVELY things!!! Love your photos! :) I figured it would already be snowing in other parts of the country - it was raining super hard over here this past weekend. Anyway, hope all is well and Happy {early} Thanksgiving! :)


  2. Happy Thanksgiving Maria~ Everything looks gorgeous.


  3. beautiful maria. happy thanksgiving


  4. Oh my, everything looks so pretty. I bought a bunch of bittersweet this year too...oh, what a mess that stuff it. Hope you have a wonderful Thankgiving :)

  5. Maria, I'm a new fan of your site. Your photography is fabulous, and I love your blog!


  6. Hi Maria,
    You have such lovely photos=it all looks lovely!

    Thanks for visiting me-I love your blog!


  7. Thank you Maria for your beautiful visit and taking the time to comment, I will be following you now and all that you inspire.

    I too collect gfarden pots and have given many away to a friend who admired them so. They were hand tossed of terra cotta as well.
    By the way I love your zinc pots they are my favorite.

    Your photo's are just beautiful.

  8. Just popped over from The Old Painted College blog. Looks like I should have been here sooner! Merry Christmas! Sandie

  9. Everything is lovely and I just love your style! Hats off to you for preserving your historic home for future generations. So glad I discovered your blog :)

    Your newest follower,

  10. What a earthy post. I love all the autumn colors and the textures of fall. Thanks for stopping by. I love to have a comment from someone that I have not yet visited. Discovering your blog was great.

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