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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer's End

How are you?  Have you been enjoying your last several weeks of summer?  Before we know it, the signs of fall will be everywhere here.  Trees will dress in their splendor, the days and nights will be crisp and filled with sweaters and blankets, and frost will eventually slip in one morning to end our growing season for another year.  Oh I'm not quite ready yet.  Even though fall is one of my favorite seasons, and I celebrate my birthday and anniversary in the fall, I'm dragging my heels a bit.  I know it's coming, I can already smell it in the air and yesterday, a small gust of wind brought several tinged leaves showering down upon me from a nearby tree.  

I think the main reason for dreading the inevitable this year is I know what season is to follow after.  Although winter is a great time to catch up on all my indoor projects, it was terribly long for me last year and I am not ready to fight the cold and snow again.  I will miss skipping out the front screen door with nothing on my feet but a pair of flip-flops!

What about you?  Are you looking ahead to fall yet dreading saying good-bye to summer at the same time?  Are you clutching at it's last days with all your might, like I am?  I know when fall is finally here I will be grateful for everything it has to give, I just wish time would slow down a little.

On another note, I would love to show you a few photos that I caught of Merle and Kitty.  They are inseparable and get along so well!

  One more thing, a huge thank-you to everyone who came out to my Antique Barn Sale on Saturday.  It was a fun day and I had a blast!  Thanks so much again!

Maria ~Rusty Hinge


  1. Maria: Love the photos of your pets, so adorable! Hope you have a wonderful week and as always I enjoy reading your blog!

  2. ahhhhhh!!! those two are the SWEETEST ever!

  3. I'm definately ready for fall! The air is cool today and there's soup on the stove. The summer was long for me so I can't wait for the pretty change. Your yard looks heavenly....give me a blanket and a book and I'd be out there all day. :)

  4. I feel exactly the same way about summer's end-even though like you I enjoy the fall also.I even enjoy winter for awhile but not as long as it likes to hang around here.
    I love your garden pics with the old wheelbarrow but your pet pics melted my heart!

    Enjoy these last days of summer.


  5. These photos are beyond wonderful! Merle and Kitty make a great couple, love seeing dogs and cats that appreciate each other. Have to say the drought and 105 temps we had this summer for weeks on end have made me so anxious for Fall. but then, I love winter too! me and the heat don't get along. love the sunflowers, Maria!

  6. Hi Maria, Your photos are gorgeous! I must say I love the cool crisp temperatures of the fall. I'm probably one of the few who actually looks forward to winter, although our winters here in Virginia are not that cold or as long as yours.
    Mary Alice

  7. Well, these are the most delightful photos, Maria. You have the sweetest pets! Your pastoral scenes are lovely too. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit!

  8. Maria,
    I am looking forward to the cool fall.Today it is 80 tomorrow it will be in the 50's.What a sweet photo of your sweet pets! They look like best buddies!

  9. Loved the photos..Your pets are too cute together..I too celebrate an anniversary this fall..35 years next week to be exact..I must be getting older..HaHa..Have a wonderful week..

  10. Awwwwww.....the photos of your furbabies are just precious, Maria!!!!

    I'm with you about autumn's arrival. I'm looking forward to the cool, crisp days ahead....but NOT winter. I'm looking forward to wearing my jeans, sweaters, and boots....but NOT mittens and socks. I'll be wearing my flip flops til the snow flies, believe me. lol!

    Beautiful pics of your garden, too, sweetie! Loved seeing them!

    xoxo laurie

  11. Your yard looks so good. Here in Oregon we are having unusually high temps so it still feels like summer. I adore your pet photos--those are just adorable!

  12. Such a pretty yard.. and your pets are totally adorable! How wonderful that they are such good companions.

  13. Oh Maria....so so so sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!...love ...xxx...

  14. Hi Maria!
    Your late Summer yard is lovely. Merle and Kitty are adorable. Merle is one handsome Lab!
    I am partial to Labs as we have a chocolate. If we had acreage, I would have one of each color!

  15. Maria, Kitty looks just like his brother Peachy at our house! I know we talked how their personalities are so friendly, but in their looks, they are definitely litter mates! How fun! Great pictures!

  16. Hello Maria, I love your blog! And your dog is soooo sweet! How glad you must be to have your beautiful garden and your sweet pets! Have a nice day! Geli

  17. I look forward to the fall because winter is coming! Winter in Central Florida that is!! We've had a really hot and humid summer; I am so looking forward to a break. But, I do love to see the photos you northerners post of your summers, they look so fresh and inviting. Love the tall trees, the beautiful northern green grass and all the lush flower gardens. We just don't have the same down here. Maybe you'll get an indian summer and winter won't come as soon. Thank you for such a lovely blog and sharing pics of your dog and cat...so precious!


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