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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Fall Tour Recap

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!  I hope you had a great holiday and enjoyed every moment!  I want to take a minute and share a bit of stark truth.  Here is my week in a nutshell... still dealing with the shower-leaking-through-subfloor-into-kitchen drama, jeep not starting and sitting dead in the drive, and now the cherry on top, my external hard drive just crashed and I lost all my blog photo archives.  Contemplating these past events today, I found myself standing at a crossroad...hang my head and feel sorry for myself or give thanks to the Lord for all the many, many, many blessings bestowed upon me.  Life is good, God is good!  We have so much to be thankful for, don't we?

Thank you for joining me on my little fall tour this week on Facebook and Instagram!  Here is a little recap, just in case you missed it!

Some of you may be wondering what my centerpiece is!  Any guesses?  It is an apple grinder for cider making and can be used in grape crushing as well.  See the side crank still intact?  It is still very usable.  Just give that handle a turn and you have yourself some apple sauce!

Thank you again for hanging out with me this week!  Today does conclude our little fall tour, but not to worry, Christmas comes next with the annual Holiday Housewalk and decking these halls begins tomorrow!

Take care,

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